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Ara Lambasts Fake Ara

Popular female drummer, Ara (Aralola Olamuyiwa) has lambasted a fake Ara: “Dear fake Ara, this is from me to you, as an upcoming female artist you decided to name herself Ara, carry the talking drum, do my trade mark long braids, wear similar costume to mine, parade yourself as me…I feel honoured that you want to be “me” but it’s not going to help your career, there have been uncountable female talking drummers after me but none stole my identity.”

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“Whoever advised you definitely didn’t have your interest at heart, they set you up. They must be dumb and entirely stupid and if it was you, am so sorry for you. If truly you have a talent, I advise you discover your true self. As much as Michael Jackson had protégés, none of us named ourselves after him.”

“I will find out who set you up cos for sure they don’t mean well for you….this act is fraudulent and has consequences. I was not only born Ara, as a performer I have been Ara for over 15years… Young lady, get another name, create your own identity and drum on! The sky is big enough.”