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Ihedioha Exposes Okorocha

Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha has opened a can of worms about Gov. Rochas Okorocha of Imo State: “Now, the scenario in Imo State is even more worrisome; take for instance, allocation is given to all the 27 local governments in Imo State from the Ministry of Finance as part of their shares from the federation funds.”

“Ask yourself who have been taking responsibility for all the money that have been accruing to the local governments since the local governments are not functioning; is it the T.C or what are they called. Are they elected to represent the people? Can the chairman of the transition committee say that they are the ones receiving these allocations? Do they have the responsibility in the disbursement of the funds on behalf of the people?”

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“I have noticed that some rural roads have been graded. But you ask from which month’s allocation is the money from?  I learnt that the state government is spending N20 million in grading of roads in the council areas of the state and the question is from which month’s allocation. The question is where is the backlog of the previous allocations for the past six years or thereabout when you know that in Imo State today, the local governments are practically non-existent.”

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“It appears that we are not attuned to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and people are happy to be docile, people are happy to leave their fates in the hands of a dictator in a civilian garb; that is not the way it should be.”