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Another Kidnappers Den Discovered In Lagos

Barely 48 hours after a den was uncovered at Obadeyi bus stop along Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, another kidnappers den has been discovered where decomposed human intestines, a kidney, a cutlass, pairs of slippers, underwear, clothes, condoms, among others were found in some black spots linking the drains at Ile Zik bus stop, along Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway on Thursday 10th August, 2017.

We learnt that two mad persons and two others found around the spot were picked up by the police. We gathered that residents had seen some persons in tattered clothes at about 1pm hovering around a spot, where a bag covered with black nylon was kept and the “mad man” took to his heels as the residents confronted his female counterparts with enquiries on their mission in the area.

Sources said: “We saw a woman who dressed like a mad person loitering around the drains and we challenged her. At a spot, we saw a bag covered with black nylon. We found some plastic bottles in the bag. While we were emptying the bag and questioning the woman, we saw another ‘mad man’ close to the area. He tried to run away, but people gave him a chase and arrested him.”

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“While questioning and beating them, policemen came and took them away. We discovered something wrapped in nylon inside the bag. When we opened it, we saw a human kidney and intestines. They were later set ablaze.”

“Yesterday (Wednesday), people challenged her and while talking to her, they discovered a lot of new items in one of the bags she covered with tyres. The other man usually sits around this area too.”

“On Thursday, we approached her again to ask her some questions and in the process, she ran into hiding in a bush along the drains. We brought her out with some nylons.”

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“When we emptied the contents of the nylons, we saw new and old female items like pants, bra, toothbrush, lip sticks, bags, a small Bible, comb, cosmetics, a sachet tomato, keys, pairs of shoes, cigarette, glass cup, drinks, and other items.”

“The registration number on one of the receipts is 062181. The two drug descriptions were dated June 28 and July 3, 2017 with N4,800 and N9,600 written on the two receipts respectively.”

“N11,500 was boldly written on a paper and placed on the top of the nylon that contained the human parts. Three other persons were also arrested and taken to the Isokoko Police Station. Criminal activities have been on in this area for many years.”

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“I boarded a bus at Ikeja and a few minutes later, I discovered that a lot of people inside the bus had slept off as we were about to reach Ile Zik. I started shouting and the conductor was surprised that I was not asleep.

“When they noticed that a car was coming behind us, they turned back at Ile-Zik and went to stop the car at National bus stop. Immediately they stopped the car, the passengers woke up. I gave testimony in church last week to appreciate God.”