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Ebenezer Obey Reveals Best Kept Secret

Famous musician, Ebenezer Obey has revealed his best kept secret…..

..”There is money in Nigeria but many people are shy of doing rough jobs here whereas when they travel abroad, they do all manner of odd jobs. When they get to America, they wash plates, wash corpses and carry shit of old people.”

” When I was young, my mother never wanted me to be a labourer or do any odd jobs; she was ready to provide whatever I wanted but I myself, without telling anybody, would go to where nobody knew me and would do all manner of jobs. I would carry blocks earning one and six; and I would buy ‘kolobe’. I would use three pence to eat in the morning, another three pence to eat in the afternoon, all out of the one and six. And I saved the rest and my mother would never know”

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” I did all that because my mother did so much to labour for her children and I said I must do something to take care of myself. I became a vendor, nobody sent me there. I would wake up very early and go to Idi Oro to go and queue for papers. Daily Times, West African Pilot, those were the newspapers then and I was everywhere selling them”