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El-Rufai Speaks On Nigeria Restructuring  

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has bared his mind on clamour for restructuring of Nigeria:  “Well, I am chairing the APC ‎committee on true federalism, we met yesterday. We are going to start public hearings round the country from September 18. We have published call for memoranda and we have started receiving a lot of comments and memoranda particularly from young people who have never been part of this restructuring conversation, and we will go to every part of the country.”

“We’ll have 13 public hearings all across the country, and by the time we listen to Nigerians and synthesize their views we will… write and make recommendations to our party how to operationise true federalism as we have promised in our constitution.”

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“What is important for us ‎in the APC is to separate the signal from the noise. There is a lot of noise about…there is a lot of opportunism, there are people that are restructuring their career, that is their meal ticket and we’ll put that as the noise.”

“But the signal is what nigerians say. What young people who’s country we are supposed to be restructuring for. One, we are encouraging young people through social media, through blogs to tell us what they think. Because this country is theirs. 80 percent of Nigerians which below the age of 35, and whatever structure we design for Nigeria is for them. I have maybe a decade or two decades left, but these young people have years of their life ahead.”

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“So, the Nigeria we are trying to creat is for them, and we want to hear them, we want to hear what they think, what else do they want. And we are going to go round the country and we’ve set up virtually every social media platform‎. We have made available young people to sent us what they think on twelve key issues on the front burner regarding devolution, true federalism and whatever you call it.”

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“And when we get that, we will compile that and publish what Nigerians have said, we‎’ll make recommendations to our party and move on from there.”