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Fayose Exposes Kashamu

Senator Buruji Kashami has been exposed by Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State: “The crisis in the PDP started from Ogun State when they didn’t allow Gbenga Daniel to succeed himself. We thought it was a joke; gradually the monster started moving from one state to another.”

“A blind man cannot lead us with money that has no source. How can a PDP member be praising President Muhammadu Buhari and condemning Fayose? I cannot blame him because his family has never produced a governor. Since he went to the Senate, he has not spoken a word. I cannot be in a marriage where the woman is meeting with another man. Buruji is a blackleg in the PDP. He has done bad things to the party and we cannot be with him again. How can he be asking for the party structure in the South-West? I identify with Ogun stakeholders but not Buruji.”

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“Opposition holds the government of the day to their promises for the benefits of the masses. That is the more reason you have to stand up for something, otherwise, so many things will gang up against you. Today, we are in the opposition and tomorrow we will be in government.”

“The history of my life is enough for me to know that if you fall, that doesn’t mean that you cannot rise. Today, I am one of the strengths of our party. This party must be protected because we are holding it in trust for Nigerians. Most people do not know what to say because they are frustrated, they are disturbed and there is nobody to help them.”

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“Most of us cannot give money to the masses and we cannot tar their roads but when they hear the message you send to them every day, they know that one day, hope will come for them.”

“I am not one of the people who will tell the APC that it is a good party. They are only deceiving you. The only thing they do is to see that the PDP die ahead of 2019 but the average man on the street can see and they can measure the difference. They cannot wait for elections in 2019 to get rid of these people because they are tired of them.”

  • Otinwa Lanre Abraham

    When you talk too much, you will become irrelevant, what have u exposes now?

  • Governor-General

    Fayose is a man with no integrity. Despite he is a governor yesterday and today doesnt make him a governor tommorow.
    He is a person that doesnt reason with his brain rather he thinks with/through his anus.
    I thought Fayose has something tangible to exposed but came here ranting as usual.
    Afibusoloore…….igbeyin won ni ka ma wo. The end shall justify the means.

  • Tundecashman

    In all ramifications Fayose lacks the tenability to insult Senator Buruji Kashamu.Fayose’s recent utterances and activities against Kashamu shows the ingratitude character in him. He is simply ingrate.

    The reasonable Nigerians are watching and the end is near.