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I’m Ashamed Of Myself – Bishop Okonkwo

Bishop Mike Okonkwo of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) bared his mind recently…

“I think whenever a season for something is ripe, you can’t hold back the season. There have never been agitations for restructuring as it is now, even those who had hitherto been indifferent to it and who would never touch it, are now beginning to touch it and that is an indication that the hour has come.”

“I believe with all my heart that if this nation is restructured, it would help us to be creative more than we expect. It will make those who are supposed to be in politics to be more creative than what they are doing now because most of them run to Abuja, collect money and squander and nothing is happening.”

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“If I am seeing result in Kebbi State and I am seeing result in Sokoto State and if I go to Niger State and there’s no result there, I would ask my governor that what’s that person doing differently that I am not doing. Same thing applies to the East, so it will bring real competition, healthy competition for development in different parts of this country. Looking back at the slow pace of development in the country in spite of its endowed natural resources, he regretted to identify with the country.”

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“To be honest with you, I am ashamed of myself,I feel ashamed of answering Nigeria in the sense that this nation is highly endowed in terms of human, material and economic resources. We have all it takes to be giant among committee of nations not just in Africa but amount nations of the world.  But look at where we are, other nations have moved on and we are still busy buying.”