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Peter Obi Bombs Obiano

Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State has been lambasted by his predecessor and godfather, ex-Governor Peter Obi

ex-Governor Peter Obi and Governor Willie Obiano 

“In 2013, I took Obiano around Anambra State, to the markets, to every part of the state and the people kept asking me if I was sure of him as they did not know him, so they voted for him because of me.”

“I told them, I would be the one to lead a campaign against Obiano if he did not perform well in his first term.  Today, can anyone show me what the governor has done within his first term? He has nothing to show for it. I don’t have any issue with Mr. Willie Obiano as a person, but I have issues with Willie Obiano as governor.”

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“Winning a second term is  an easy task for any performing governor as all that is  needed is  to point at his achievements in the first term and now tell the people what he will do in the second term and the people will vote for him if they are satisfied.”

“When I was working for my second term, each community I went to, I showed them what I had achieved, and that made it possible for the people to vote for me because they saw what I could do.”

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“We challenge Obiano to show us what he has done in his first term. Go to all parts of the state where all of you come from, can you mention the things he has done? He has done nothing. That is why I am here to lead the campaign for his removal.”