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Policeman Shoots Student

Sergeant Abua of the Igbuzo Police Division, Delta State is reportedly on the run after shooting a student, Sofia Ogogo at the Delta State Polytechnic, and a civil servant, Victor Emeagwai.

Mr Zanna Ibrahim, Delta State Commissioner of Police

Narrating the sad incident, Jerry Akinlabi, an Estate Agent who drove the victims in a Toyota Corolla revealed: “On Sunday, November 17, 2017, I was driving to the Igbuzor Market and on getting to a checkpoint, I met the policemen. We knew one another some months ago when I had an issue concerning a property at the station. I sounded the horn to greet them, but they did not respond.”

“One of them used his gun to hit the boot and I reversed. He said I wanted to beat the checkpoint. I told him that I assumed that they knew me very well and apologised. He demanded money. I wanted to give him N100 or N200, but it was N1,000 notes I had on me and I explained to him.”

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“He said, ‘Am I too small to collect N1,000?’ When I declined to give him N1,000, he asked me to pull over, which I did. As the argument over N1,000 got heated, I entered my car and drove off. What I heard next was three gunshots aimed at my car.”

“A bullet pierced into the car, hit my girlfriend’s body, came out and hit my friend in the back. I took the victims to a general hospital in Igbuzo, from where Ogogo was referred to the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba. I called a senior police officer at Asaba who notified the state Commissioner of Police of the incident.”

“The CP and the DPO of the Igbozo Police Station came to the FMC and deposited N100,000, but I have spent much more than that. Meanwhile, the policeman who shot at us had gone to drop the gun at the station and fled.  The other four policemen were detained at the command headquarters. My friend and I wrote our statements there.”

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“A police officer asked me to drop my car key to aid investigation. I handed over the car key, but activated the steering lock because I suspected foul play. I met with the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone 5, Benin, Edo State, who assigned a policeman to take my statement and the policeman came down to the police command, Asaba, the following day.”

“As I was returning from Zone 5 on Monday, I received a call from the Investigating Police Officer at the police headquarters in Asaba and he asked for the steering key. The IPO and a policeman came down to the hospital and I told them I would have to look for the key when I got home.”

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“The policeman sent from Zone 5 invited my friend to the police headquarters in Asaba to write his statement too. When he got there, he saw some policemen moving the car. He called to ask me if I gave them the key to unlock the steering and I said no. When I called the IPO, he confirmed what my friend said and he told me that there was no cause for alarm.”

“I don’t see any reason for the shooting. I have been going to the FMC to treat the gunshot injury for about three weeks now. The policemen should not go scot-free,” Akinlabi lamented.