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Shehu Sani’s Shocker

Senator Shehu Sani, the lawmaker representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District made some shocking revelations recently.

Senator Shehu Sani

The outspoken senator in a Facebook post lately condemned the actions of some politicians to have endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term in 2019 when the President has not declared his interest for re-election.

According to the Facebook post, he said: “Baba (Buhari) will not know those who genuinely love him until someday when he is not in power. Then, he will sit down in his living room, balcony or garden; then, he will read comments and remarks by politicians he once thought meant what they said.”

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“Most of the political elite don’t love Baba, they simply fear him. They fear him because of his mass appeal among the poor and his ‘vindictiveness.’ What they say about him in public is not the same as what they say about him in private. They were silent and scheming when he was on health vacation (in London), now they are for Baba. (Only) Time will tell.”

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“Endorsing a president for a second term when he has not yet expressed interest to run amounts to political obsequiousness, taradiddle by lick-spittles. This is something the present political ruling elite once denounced as antics, machination and relics that characterised the old order, now conveniently dusted for exigency. Thanks to PMB, for turning down their Greek gift.”