Zee World Weekly Highlights 14th – 18th August 

Love Oh Love

Bhavna is focused on finding a suitable bride for Akshay, little did she know that Akshay is already seeing someone. Avni and Raj lay eyes on each other for the first time and Raj is left wondering when he will see her again. Akshay manages to get Arpita’s photo and profile selected by his family, but what will Mr. Shastri and Savri say? Avni sees Raj in a fight and she gets the wrong impression of him. The artist Raj booked for the concert’s flight gets delayed and now it’s up to him to save the show, will he be able to do it? Arpita and Akshay somehow manage to dodge another bullet. Raj is heartbroken after he misunderstands that Avni is the one getting married.

The Vow

Aniket tries to walk by himself but falls and slips into a coma. Sindoora starts to suspect Bharat after finding out Amar and Divya aren’t home. Bharat finds out that Sindoora has a real gun with her and he immediately warns Amar. The final showdown takes place just like it happened 22 years ago, who will win it this time?  Sindoora manages to escape the police and the angry mob of people. Amar gets worried about what Sindoora has planned for them. Sindoora reaches out to the last person she trusts for help and it is none other than her son Bharat. Bharat performs Sindoora’s last rites. Aditi tells Bharat that they need to tell the family the truth about them. The family members agree to get Bharat and Aditi married on their supposed wedding anniversary, not knowing the truth.

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Twist of Fate

It is the day of Tanu and Abhi’s wedding. Pragya does something that leaves Tanu gobsmacked. Aliya’s past comes back to haunt her. Pragya tries to make a deal with her enemy but things do not go as planned. The family decides to send Aliya away where she cannot hurt anyone. Tanu sees Abhi embracing Pragya. Nikhil manipulates his way back into Abhi’s good books. Pragya receives a call from a stranger offering to help her, but she gives Pragya promises that lead to hopeless dreams.

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Lies of the Heart

Samrat refuses to be seen with Urmi as long as she wears the traditional clothing. Urmi catches Samrat red handed staring at another woman at the beach. Samrat spikes Urmi’s drink in order to get her to loosen up at the beach party, but his actions don’t end up as he plans. After reading about her new-born niece in the newspaper, Aditi goes to visit the house to see the baby. Samrat and Ishaan’s friendship is tested when Ishan confronts Samrat on how he treats Urmi Samrat continues ill-treating Urmi to the point where he deprives her of spending time with her family, how much of this can Urmi persevere?

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Get Me Married

The misunderstandings between Rishi and Varun continue to increase as Kash makes things worse. Gayatri decides to teach Kash a lesson. Vinayak tries to get the brothers to reconcile but Kash intervenes. Meera starts to believe that maybe it’s best for the family to separate. Gayatri divides the house saying that everyone will live separate lives but in one house.  Kash gets harassed by a man at the market and Gayatri decides to do something about it. Kash and Natasha continue to find ways to trouble the family. Gayatri ends up breaking a rule she created and Kash is the one that has to punish her.